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  • You don’t know fresh until you open that box!

    I make sure that you have fresh fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy and strong. I deliver right to your door or at a convenient location. This is what Jeannie Girl is all about!

  • About Jeannie

    Meet Jeannie Girl and the Wonderful Growers we buy from!

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    About Jeannie

    Loving the bounty that grows from the earth!

    I am a descendant of Peruvians. Peru is right next door to the Amazon jungle. My aunts taught me at a very young age that our remedies for all ailments lie in the Amazon. In 1968, my aunt led an expedition of scientists into the Amazon and showed them the numerous plants and its effects. I have grown up with plants and herbs being shipped to our home in Missouri for different ailments that came along with life’s expectancies. This is where my interests in plants, herbs, fruits and anything the body can digest came from.


    I came to Monterey County in the year 2000. I was fascinated by the fields and all that was growing near and around us. I realized that our health starts in our gut. Eating healthy and having a healthy digestive system keeps the illness away. Leafy greens, legumes root vegetables and fruits are key to quality nutrition. I bought myself a good blender to make drinks with dark leafy greens along with fruits to improve my health.


    I have cared for people after ileostomy surgery as well as a Covid 19 patient. Although this new virus has not been around long enough, good nutrients from plants help strengthen cell activity and lessen the stress on the lungs and blood pressure.


    To sum it all up, we have a pharmacy in these fields. Use it!

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    Why Fruits and Vegetables are so important to feeling good!

    Eat like your life depends on it........because it does!

    Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and fiber. There are endless varieties of delicious fruits and vegetables available that can be prepared or cooked in many different ways. A diet high in fruits and vegetables can help guard against cancer, diabetes, heart disease and numerous other illnesses.


    Eating fruits and vegetables daily can lead to a healthy gut which is where most diseases are born. Eating healthy amounts of leafy greens, other colorful vegetables and fruits can help in overcoming many common digestive problems. If your digestive track is kept in check then you can really be energetic, shine, glow and radiate a beautiful, healthy YOU.


    I’m also a huge believer in keeping the digestive track moving. Movement is SO important for our bodies whether it be exercise or your bowels. Movement keeps us alive.

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    Our Growers

    Only the best!

    Fresh baby romaine grown in Yuma during the winter months and then Salinas, CA area for the rest of the year. The change in seasonal location and temperature provide better quality produce. I only do business with the growers who are committed to food safety and quality and I only buy the best.


    Growers work very hard to bring you the best fruits and vegetables every day. They also educate me on new

    hybrids of fruits and vegetables that they have developed. I bring you these exciting new hybrids before it hits markets. I will show you how to enjoy these new breeds with exciting new recipes

    I only deal with growers who practice a high level of food safety.

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    Honeydew melons

    Mini watermelons

    Green grapes

    Red grapes




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    Beans & Root Veggies

    French beans

    Green beans

    Snap peas

    Green onions




    Sweet potatoes




    Brussel sprouts


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    Artichokes, Celery, Kale, Fennel

    Whole Broccoli, minis & crowns

    Cauliflower and florets

    Cauliflower rice crumble + carrot & onion

    Veggie power slaw

    Spaghetti squash & Butternut squash

    Green, Red & Napa cabbage

    Italian and Curly parsley

    Bok Choy & Baby Bok Choy

    Green, red, rainbow Chard

    Green and red Bell Peppers


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    Leafy Greens


    Arugula & Organic wild Arugula

    Iceberg & Romaine lettuce

    Red leaf lettuce

    Butter lettuce

    Baby romaine

    Little Gem lettuce

    Sweet baby broccoli

    Sweet baby cauliflower

    Baby tango greens

    Organic Spinach & Baby spinach

    Organic spring mix

    Endive, Escarol, Frisee

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    How to Make a Delicious, Healthy Immune Boosting Smoothie with Fresh Produce from Jeannie Girl!

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    Salinas, CA USA
    Local Deliveries on every Wednesday, or other areas by special order.
    text is best: 831-277-0891
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